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Great content and tips

Great job on simplifying things for entrepreneurs on a budget! Learned a lot from Ep 162 with making money on a podcast

Great content

Sarah has some really great guest on. A lot of smart down to earth business people!

Great information.

This podcast doesn’t disappoint in terms of information. I learned a lot after just one episode but even more after a few more. Guests are good too. I appreciate the hard work and keep doing what you’re doing!

Honest advice for bootstrapped entrepreneurs

Love listening to this podcast. Tangible advice that has helped me reset my money mindset!

I love the Frugalpreneur Podcast!

I love what Sarah has done with this podcast to help enterpreneurs and business owners.

Sarah knows is a great podcast host!

Just recorded a podcast with Sarah and it was a blast! She is very fun, knowledgeable and interesting to talk with. Highly recommended! Thanks Sarah! 👍🔥

Sarah is a Master!

Just recently recorded an episode with Sarah, and it was such a joyous experience. Her ability to engage in knowledgeable conversation and maintain the flow of an episode is unparalleled. So far in my journey as a podcast guest, “Frugalpreneur” has without a doubt been my favorite appearance! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!! 😃🙏🏻🙌🏻

Energizing host with great insights

Sarah is a great host asking deep questions and creating an energizing atmosphere. I highly recommend her.

I love this fast-paced interview!

Provides a ton of information in a brief period of time; keeps your concentration because of the fast pace - there is no time for your mind to wander. I’m a busy man and can’t waste any time, so this was perfect for me. Great job! Can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

The Digital ALCHEMY Formula

Glad to be a guest on Frugalpreneur Podcast and have the opportunity to be interviewed by a wonderful host Sarah St John. It has been a pleasure to share to your audience the ALCHEMY Formula and some of my business experience. Keep the great content going!

Achieve a higher level of success!

Achieve a higher level of success by tuning in to Frugalpreneur with Sarah St. John and guests. Insights and inspiration that transform business and lives! Karen Briscoe, author and podcast host 5 Minute Success

Amazing Podcast Content

Loved to listen to the latest episode on Facebook Lead Generation. These are steps I take on with my listeners on "We Don't PLAY" podcast and I look forward to connecting with you. Great content, Sarah!

Great info!

Definitely a must listen for tips for business

Excellent Business Tips

This podcast provides great tips for making money from your business on a shoestring budget. Thanks for all the wonderful free information.


Helpful and informative! Sarah and her guests are very knowledgeable.

Awesome show!

Sarah and her guests always share helpful insights and advice! A definite must listen.

Great Podcast!

Excellent content from this podcast! Really valuable insights from Sarah and her guests. Highly recommend!

This podcast helps me keep a pulse!

I am thoroughly enjoying the Frugalpreneur podcast. I find it especially useful for helping me keep a pulse on what technology/software/services are available out there to keep me current at an incredibly affordable (often times free) rate! As a non-profit Executive Director, I constantly battle a finite budget, but still feel the pressure to stay up to date with the changing technologies. Frugalpreneur is quickly becoming my go-to podcast for staying in-the-know.