Jan. 6, 2022

Lessons Learned and Podcast Pivots in 2022

Lessons Learned and Podcast Pivots in 2022

On this short episode, I talk about my successes and failures in 2021 and changes in 2022.



Have you considered starting a podcast for your business, or maybe you already have one, but are afraid of pod fading because you just didn't realize how much time post-production would take. I can help my company. Pod seam.com makes podcasting as seamless as possible. We help you launch manage market and monetize your podcast seamless. We do more than just podcasts, editing, and production. We help you leverage the power of podcasting to get new leads and grow your business. Learn more@podseam.com. That's P O D S E a m.com. Welcome to the first frugal preneur. Episode of 2022. Is it just me or did 20, 21 just fly by. I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about my successes and failures of 2021, as well as some podcasts pivots. I am making. One of my successes of 2021 was that I started getting paid sponsorships. One of my failures was that I went on an interview recording binge, or I recorded more episodes than I could reasonably produce and release in a normal amount of time. When I say a normal amount of time, it's not unusual for a podcast episode to be released up to three or four months after recording. But that is the absolute longest wait time and episodes should take. Ideally episodes are released within one to two months of recording. I recorded so many that it averaged anywhere from three to eight months to get certain episodes out. And that isn't acceptable to me. By the time that guests interview is out, they may have forgotten about it. What they discussed or promoted, or maybe have pivoted in their own business. And the episode isn't even relevant upon release as when it was recorded. So that is the main thing I am fixing in 2022. The way I am fixing this is that I am only recording one episode a week so that I can release the episode within a month or less of the interview. For comparison before now I was recording at least five interviews a week. I am starting recording again in February, as I still have about six episodes left from 2021 to produce and release, which will fill January slots. I'm also going to be more strategic and the type of guests I bring on and not replicate any topics. I will also be interviewing more well-known guests as well. I am also going to do many sessions, such as a shark series, which will feature various shark tank contestants. Another series will be kidpreneurs, which will feature anyone under age 18 that has started a business. If you or anyone, you know, nosy kid preneur, let me know. I'm planning a create your own income series, where I interview people who have found really unique ways to make money. I'm also going to be doing more short solo episode, similar to this, but on different topics, tips, tricks, tactics, or discussing certain software I use and recommend to build a business on a budget. I'll also continue to interview entrepreneurs who have started their business with under $1,000 and bootstrapped it to at least 1 million. Not per year, but total. So those are the main things. Changing back to once a week, shows fewer interviews, more short solo episodes, and many series. I think 20, 22 will be the best year yet for the podcast. If you have any other suggestions or things you want to learn about, hit me up on social media at the Sarah St. John or email me at Sarah at the Sarah St. john.com. Here's to a peaceful and. And prosperous new year. Do you have a podcast that isn't growing the way you want it to. There may be a simple reason for that, but you aren't sure how to decipher what the problem is. That's where podcasts audit comes in. I am offering a new service where you send me a podcast episode of your choice, and I audit the podcast for your cover art podcasts, name, intro, and outro episode title. Format sound quality production value episode graphics, length flow on air performance calls to action podcast directory discovery, podcasts website show knows social media presence and more. I am offering the service for just $97 for a limited time. Get your audit today@podseam.com forward slash podcast audit that's P O D S E a m.com forward slash podcast.